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Hank Freid posing for the camera

Hank Freid


Hank Freid, Founder and CEO of the Impulsive Group, has been a luminary in New York real estate for over 30 years. Hank’s growing and impressive portfolio of luxury boutique hotels and extravagant yachts are designed for the sophisticated and corporate traveler who appreciates highly customized personal service, modern amenities, and unbeatable locations.

The Sanctuary Hotel, a 4.5-star property in the heart of Times Square attracts world class guests and celebrities who enjoy impeccable service, swanky venues, and an enchanting atmosphere.  Hank’s visionary work has transformed dilapidated buildings in neglected neighborhoods into chic, urban retreats that have now become destinations to explore.

The success of these hotels has revamped entire neighborhoods, bringing tourists to local businesses, cleaning up rundown streets, and fueling the New York economy. Hank has consistently been acknowledged in the hospitality industry with awards for the quality of his properties, extraordinary customer service, and his superior management style.  Hank’s expertise, dedication, and fearlessness is the reason The Impulsive Group has reached the standard of excellence in New York Hospitality and will continue to grow and develop into a universal force in the worldwide market.